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Welcome to CorrectExposure, a Media productions company based in the UK, specialising in Bangla/Sylheti telefilms and drama production. We are the makers of the telefilms KEETHA PYELAM, KEETHA OILOW, KEETHA BUJLAI, LAXMI (to be released) and THIRTY-FIVE TO ONE (to be released).

After the huge success of our first film Keetha Pyelam, we discovered that there was a great demand for Bangla films in the Bangladeshi community. Especially those with stories based in the UK.

One of the pioneers of these films is Mr. Luthfur Rahman, a Bradford based health worker, who initially started, in his spare time, developing a film project to highlight the issues of health, education and social depravation faced by the Bangladeshi community living in Britain.

It is amazing to hear that so many people have watched our films, several times, and still get the same amount of pleasure from them. This might be because, all our films are reality based and most of our audiences can connect with our stories. In these films they can find their own stories.

We have truly been honoured by the appreciation and response we have received about our efforts. This has inspired us to work even harder to produce better dramas and telefilms. From the feedback on our previous films, we understand that the majority of you liked our productions and expect us to make more.

We often get asked when our next film or drama is being released.  Unfortunately, because of the costs involved in production and loss of income due to ‘pirate’ copying, we can't produce as many as we, or you would like us to do. The sales of our films on DVD have given us back less than half of the money we have had to invest in making them. This is because some dishonest video shops have made many copies of our films and sold them, keeping the profit for themselves; others have taken our original DVDs to sell on our behalf and never paid us! This is why we are unable to produce films for you on a more regular basis.

We are trying to raise funds by offering ours services for hire to anyone who wants to use us for their own projects. Whatever your requirements are, we can help with film editing, script writing, commercials, song writing, filming and camerawork, acting workshops, DVD duplication, voiceovers etc.

Please support us by purchasing original copies of our films direct from us or you can make a donation. Especially, with these two new films to be released soon, THIRTY-FIVE TO ONE and LAXMI.